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Spireon FleetLocate is the #1 partner for all your trailer and asset management needs. Find out how you can:

  • Increase trailer visibility & utilization
  • Reduce detention time
  • Detect cargo with 99% accuracy
  • Recover lost or stolen trailers

"We will dramatically reduce the unproductive hours spent looking for trailers."

- David Summitt, Owner, Summitt Trucking


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Add-On: IntelliScan Cargo Sensor

With image retrieval, you always know which trailers are loaded/unloaded and have images to prove it. You can:

  • Improve driver satisfaction and safety
  • Minimize cargo damage
  • Resolve claims confidently with image proof
  • Recover stolen cargo

Trailer Optimization for:

  • For-Hire Trucking Companies (Truckload, LTL)
  • Private Fleets
  • Leasing Companies

Add-On: Managed Services

Think of us as your personal trailer management consultant. The additional resource of an experienced Spireon analyst can help you:

  • Manage and automate trailer tracking technology
  • Drive 200% ROI in the first year
  • Reallocate man-hours to more vital items

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